Turning of the Trees is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Forest itself seems to have turned against the village of Deleyn's Mill and the villagers are in danger. Wyress Helene asks the Vestige for help. Speaking to her starts the quest.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Collect three essences of Aetherius
  2. Talk to Wyress Helene and give her the essences
  3. Complete the quest


When walking near the Deleyn's Mill, the Vestige will find Wyress Helene. She fears for the innocents in this village as the spirit of the Wyrd weeps. She asks for help in collecting essences of Aetherius using a wyress torchbug. It has been born from the soil and sap of the Wyrd Tree, and will seek out the most soil untainted by the magic of the vines. Helene will use the essence drawn from the soil as a focus in the ritual she must perform to create a ward that will protect the mill.

Use the Wyress torchbug and follow it to find the pure soil. There will be three places to find for them. The whole area is infested with Imps and Spriggans so look out and kill them if they interfere.

After the three essence of Aetherius are collected, go back to Wyress Helene and give them to her. She feels sympathetic for the creatures killed, as they are usually not so aggressive. She then asks the Vestige to stand back when she performs the ritual but asks them to follow. She runs to the mill and cast a spell protection on the door and walks inside. Follow her inside and talk to her again.

The ward protecting the door will buy them some time so they can figure out what to do next as the villagers can't stay in the mill forever. She suggests them to talk to Wyress Jehanne if they would like to help more. Completing the quest will reward the Vestige a Wyress Sash and some GoldIcon.


Unique itemsEdit

  • Essence of Aetherius – An essence pulled from untainted soil.
  • Wyress Torchbug – A small, delicate creature which hums around inside your pocket.


Journal Entry

The forest itself seems to have turned against the village of Deleyn's Mill and the villagers are in danger. I should see if I can help.

Wyress Helene asked me to collect essences of Aetherius using a torchbug she gave me. She wants to craft a spell using the essences that will protect the villagers. Using the torchbug should lead me in the right direction

  • Objective: Collect the Essence of Aetherius for the Wyrd Ward

I collected what Wyress Helene needs to protect the villagers. I should tell her immediately.

  • Objective: Talk to Wyress Helene

The ritual worked and the mill is safe. I should speak to Wyress Helene inside the mill and see what else needs to be done.

  • Objective: Talk to Wyress Helene
  • Quest complete