Tuveso Beleth is a Dunmer smith residing in the city of Ald'ruhn. She is member of House Redoran, she can be found inside her shop, which is in Redoran Council Hall.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Escort to Koal Cave[edit | edit source]

Tuveso Beleth has requested the Nerevarine escort her son, Deval Beleth, to the Koal Cave which is on the coast southwest of Gnisis.

Armor Repair Debts[edit | edit source]

Tuveso Beleth requests one to get Giras Indaram to pay his armor repair debts.

Items[edit | edit source]

Gordol carries the following items:

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Show: Escort to Koal Cave

"I am Tuveso Beleth, and this is my son, Deval. I am a smith of House Redoran."

duties "My son, Deval Beleth, wants to make the Ruddy Man Pilgrimage. I want to let him go, but he is young and needs someone to escort him to the Koal Cave."
Koal Cave "Talk to my son, Deval Beleth, and escort him to the Koal Cave, a famous pilgrimage site south of Gnisis."

After escorting Deval:

"Did my son arrive safely at the Koal Cave?"

Koal Cave "Thank you for keeping my son safe on his pilgrimage. Please take this sword with my gratitude."
Koal Cave "Thank you for keeping my son safe on his pilgrimage."
Show: Armor Repair Debts

"Hello again, Nerevarine (Player name). What can I do for you."

duties "Giras Indaram owes me for several repairs to his armor. I have asked him to pay the debt, but he refuses. I cannot seek redress from a Councilman, since Giras' brothers are among the most respected Buoyant Armigers. I need someome to make Giras Indaran pay his armor repair debts."
armor repair debts "Go speak with Giras Indaram at the Buoyant Armiger's stronghold in Molag Mar. He owes me 2000 drakes for repais to his armor."

After obtaining the debt:

"Were you able to get Giras Indaram's armor repair debts?"

armor repair debts "Do you have the devt money from Giras Indaram?"
Yes, here it is. "You do? Well, I must say I'm very impressed, Nerevarine (Player name). Here, why not take this glass sword I've been working on."
armor repair debts "You were able to get Giras Indaram to pay his debts where others have failed."
duties "You have done everything I would ask and more."
No, not yet. "Well, I must say I did not truly expect that you could get the debt money."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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