The Twilight Sepulcher is in Falkreath Hold, on its western border. It is quite lonely and mysterious as it is not near any other locations and is one of few Nordic ruins in that Hold.


The Sepulcher is home to the Ebonmere, Nocturnal's portal to the Void and the resting place for the Skeleton Key. This is the entrance to Pilgrim's Path, a maze of enemies and barriers guarding the Sepulcher. It consists of two parts: Twilight Sepulcher and Twilight Sepulcher Inner Sanctum. The Sepulcher is locked until the quest Darkness Returns is started.



  • Darkness Returns

Notable Loot



  • When Karliah is spoken to, after the Skeleton Key is put back in the Ebonmere, she will have a large assortment of arrows in her inventory.
  • Followers are not able to enter the Twilight Sephulcher, as it is exclusive to Nightingale. However, conjured beings can be summoned while in it.
  • After completing Darkness Returns, the Dragonborn can return to the Inner Sanctum to change Nightingale powers.


  •  PS3   After listening to Nocturnal, the Dragonborn will not be able to continue. Karliah will be busy, and the marker will remain on Nocturnal.
  •  360   It is possible that when the portal to the Sepulcher is activated, the Dragonborn will become stuck under the stairs and unable to get out.
    • Solution: keep jumping to come out on the stairs and be able to leave.


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