The Twin Lamps are an abolitionist group in Morrowind. Their main goal is to help slaves, largely Khajiits and Argonians, escape Morrowind to safety. The terms of the treaty by which Morrowind was annexed into the Tamrielic empire allowed Morrowind to maintain its laws and culture which includes the legality of slavery. While the Imperials frown upon slavery, they are forced by the terms of the treaty to tolerate it within Morrowind. The Twin Lamps, which existed before the Imperials' rule of Morrowind, found aid in the form of the Imperial Thieves Guild and specifically their leader, Gentleman Jim Stacey, who will often send the Nerevarine missions that will aid the Lamps' goals. The Nerevarine can help the Twin Lamps by freeing slaves at several locations around Morrowind. After freeing a set number of slaves, the Nerevarine will get a quest related to this faction depending on how many slaves have been released. For example, after freeing 21 slaves, the Nerevarine can receive the "The Twin Lamps" quest, which will allow him/her to join the Twin Lamps.. Other quests are miscellaneous, and do not actually show any relation to the Twin Lamps, but help the faction by freeing slaves (see "The Runaway Slave" quest).




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