Twin Slashes is an active skill in the Dual Wield skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is unlocked at Dual Wield Rank 4.


Slice an enemy with both weapons to cause deep lacerations, dealing ___ Physical Damage with each weapon and causing to bleed for an additional ____ Physical Damage over 9 seconds.


Rending Slashes Rending Slashes – Increases the initial damage and reduces the enemy's Movement Speed.
"You also reduce their Movement Speed by 40% for 4 seconds"
Blood Craze Blood Craze – Also heals you while active
"You also heal for ___ Health every 2 seconds for the duration."


  • Update 5: Rending Slashes now also increases the initial hit damage by 10%.[1]
  • Update 5: This ability no longer gives you a speed bonus when activated with an enemy targeted that is out of melee range.[1]
  • Update 5: Increased the tick damage for this ability by approximately 10%.[1]
  • Update 5: The morphs for this ability now increase in damage as the ability is ranked up.[1]
  • Update 5: As of Update 5, the Fighters Guild skill, Camouflaged Hunter, now only applies to the first hit of the ability Twin Slashes.[1]
  • Update 6: The ability Eclipse will no longer reflect back the damage over time from Twin Slashes and Searing Strike.[2]
  • Update 6: The second hit caused by this ability is now able to crit.[2]
  • Update 9: The damage over time effects from abilities such as Searing Strike, Twin Slashes, or Destructive Touch can now be applied to targets that fully or partially absorb the damage from a damage shield, or targets that are blocking.[3]
  • Update 9: The damage over time effects from bleed abilities such as Cleave, Twin Slashes, Twin Blade or Blunt Axes can now be applied to any monster, even ones formerly immune to bleeds. A unique visual effect will display for each formerly bleed-immune creature.[3]



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