Tymvaul in the Well is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. A resident of the Skaal village, Lassnr, asks the Nerevarine to help find his son, Tymvaul, who fell into the well.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The well, almost directly next to Lassnr's house, can be entered for this quest with the key given by Lassnr. Entering, the Nerevarine will be under the water and must swim a bit to escape. This location, named Rimhull, is full of skeletons.

Eventually, Tymvaul will be found. He's wearing the Mantle of Woe and can be heard talking about it. It turns out he went to Rimhull to find this mantle.

The Nerevarine can then either kill him and obtain the robe or ask him to take it off. If the second choice is chosen, Tymvaul will give the robe and leave Solstheim. His father will be grateful and gives the Nerevarine five snow bear pelts.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Tell my father his love has saved me. I will return to him someday, when I can truly make him proud."
Tymvaul [src]

Journal[edit | edit source]

Tymvaul in the Well
While in the Skaal Village I met a sad old man named Lassnr, whose son Tymvaul fell into the well while getting water. The bottom of the well leads to an ancient series of ice caves known as Rimhull, and Lassnr is convinced that Tymvaul is still alive down there and waiting for rescue.
  • Quest accepted
Lassnr pleaded with me to try and locate his son, Tymvaul, who he believes is trapped in the Rimhull Ice Caves at the bottom of the well. I refused. Tymvaul is probably dead, and even if he isn't, the matter is none of my concern.
After listening to Lassnr's heart-breaking tale, I have agreed to venture into the Rimhull ice caves in search of his son, Tymvaul. Lassnr has given me the key to his well, which is the quickest way into Rimhull. But he also believes there must be another, more direct entrance somewhere outside the village. When I find Tymvaul, alive or dead, I'm to return to Lassnr and report my findings.
I've located Tymvaul, and he's very much alive. He's also quite mad, thanks to the ancient magical robes he discovered in Rimhull. It seems Tymvaul JUMPED into the well in search of the robes' dark power.
I convinced Tymvaul to give me the Mantle of Woe. He will leave Solstheim and study magic somewhere, and return some day to make his father proud. I should return to the Skaal Village and give Lassnr this good news.
I have killed Tymvaul. I should return to Lassnr and give him the bad news. I could always lie about what happened....
I returned to the Skaal Village and told Lassnr what happened to his son, Tymvaul.
  • Quest complete
I have slain Lassnr.
  • Quest complete
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