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Tyr is a creature card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


During the campaign, one must choose between Tyr and the Orb of Vaermina. He can also be soul summoned for 1,200 Soul gems.


If you find yourself in a situation where you face enemies with high defenses but low attack powers, Tyr is a good choice given that his Guard attribute and high attack power will force the enemy cards to attack and fall if they possess no means to destroy Tyr otherwise.

Tyr's Breakthrough attribute can also be used against an enemy with a low defense, and the excess attack power will be dealt to your opponent.

If Tyr is drawn through a rune being destroyed, he can be played for free as he is a Prophecy. This is suggested as his guard will delay the enemy's attacks and allow you to gain an advantage.



  • Tyr's card art originally used a still from Chapter 1, though this was later changed to the current version.[1]



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