Not to be confused with Umbra.
"It's been a poor day so far, but the wind's changing. I can feel it!"

Ubra is a Redguard found at the docks in Anvil, The Gold Coast. She can be seen playing dice with Lucky Gurg and Knuckle-Bones. She is a lackey of Dockmaster Qamar.


A Profitable VentureEdit


"Private game. Go be somewhere else."

I need to speak with you about the Dock Master. "Spit it out. Can't you see I'm busy?"
I'm told you know where he keeps his hidden gold. "You've got some nerve, don't you? Coming onto our docks asking about Qamar's private affairs. You know who Qamar is? You know who I am? The Red Sails own Anvil!"
Will Qamar help you grow that dwindling pile of winnings? What's he really worth to you? [69GoldIcon] "Ha! Not much, now that you mention it. Been running his deposits too long with nothing to show for it. Let me see your map … yeah, there. You can find the stingy sod's gold there. Once you fleece him, maybe he'll use the blank like the rest of us."
Anyone asks, you never saw me.
There's no way I can convince you to tell me how to find his stash? "Listen, my luck's running a bit thin right now. I'm not fool enough to steal from Qamar, but I might look the other way if my fortunes take a good turn. Catch my drift?"
What if I help you with that dwindling pile of winnings? What's he really worth to you? [69GoldIcon]


Knuckle-Bones & Lucky Gurg

Ubra: "That's three times, Gurg! Let me see those dice!"
Lucky Gurg: "You never complain until your dice run cold."
Knuckle-Bones: "Luck is like a guar pasture. You have to be careful where you step."
Lucky Gurg: "Uh, yeah, what she said."
Ubra: "Both of you shut your face holes and toss the bones."


  • "Another twenty, then, unless that's too rich for you?"


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