Ughash gro-Batul is an Orsimer Guard living in Gnisis in the West Gash. He is also a member of the Imperial Legion.


"I'm an officer of the Imperial Legion. Move along."

Imperial Legion "We have garrisons at Fort Pelagiad in Pelagiad, Hawkmoth Fort in Ebonheart, Fort Moonmoth in Balmora, Fort Buckmoth in Ald'ruhn, and Fort Darius in Gnisis. Were you looking to join the Imperial Legion?"
Gnisis "Gnisis is a small agricultural village on the Ouada Samsi, with a prosperous little eggmine. We sit on the caravan route to Ald'ruhn, with silt strider service, and traders come through here often. Like any small outland caravan village, it has a market, the Gnisis Temple, and a tradehose -- the Madach Tradehouse. Unlike most outland villages, there's a Deathshead Legion garrison in Gnisis, and pilgrims come to see the Mask of Vivec at the Gnisis Temple."
Eggmine "It's up on the hill, on the east side of town. Careful in there, the kwama queen has been blighted. They're only letting miners in."
Gnisis Temple "Gnisis Temple is the only shrine in Gnisis. Pilgrims visit the Temple to pray before the Mask of Vivec, a holy relic. The Temple maintains a hostel for pilgrims and travelers, and provides the other services common at any small shrine."
Mask of Vivec "Vivec's Ash Mask is a holy relic displayed within the shrine of the Gnisis Temple. Pilgrims travel from all over Morrowind to view this sacred relic."
Fort Darius "The Empire built a fort near Gnisis village with the help of House Redoran. They named this fort after the garrison's commandant, General Darius."
House Redoran "They are the true warriors of the ancient Dunmer. Although House Hlaalu has adopted more of the Empire's ways, I have more respect for the warriors of House Redoran."
join the Imperial Legion "We could use a few recruits here in the Deatshead Legion garrison. See General Darius."
Darius "Darius is our Imperial Legion Commander here in the Deathshead Legion Garrison. You can find him downstairs at the Madach Tradehouse."


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