Not to be confused with Urog.

Ugor is an Orsimer and a possible follower of the Dragonborn, after completing the Daedric quest "The Cursed Tribe" alongside fellow Orcs, Lob and Ogol.


Generally well-tempered, Ugor admits that she is not confident in her skills as a warrior.


The Cursed TribeEdit

Upon first approaching the Orc Stronghold of Largashbur, Ugor is seen attempting to defend it from a giant alongside three male Orsimer and their mage, Atub. If the giant is killed quickly enough to save her, she will head back into the stronghold to guard the gate from a nearby battlement. When the Dragonborn approaches she will warn them to leave, as they are an outsider, but Atub manages to convince her against it.


Ugor is efficient in the Archery, One-Handed, Light Armor and Block skills.

Although Ugor is relatively well-equipped with all steel items, she can still easily be killed by the Giants that attack the stronghold.

Max Stats Level 30
Health 340
Stamina 195


Light Armor 79
Heavy Armor 25
Sneak 36
One-Handed 62
Two-Handed 20
Archery 78
Block 62


The Cursed Tribe

Ugor: "Halt! You (Referring to the Dragonborn) have no business here, outsider. Leave at once."
Atub: "Ugor, no! This may be the one we need."
Ugor: "We need nothing from outsiders! Yamarz will provide for us."
Atub: "We cannot carry on this way! You know we are doomed if we do not do something!"
Ugor: "Yamarz charged me with keeping outsiders away from Largashbur. You would have me disobey him?"
Atub: "You were charged with keeping us inside the walls. Have faith, Ugor. I only wish the best for our tribe."
Ugor: "Fine, it's your neck."


  • It is advisable to save before approaching the stronghold, as Ugor may die quickly or even already be dead upon arrival.
  • If Ugor is dead on arrival, be advised, taking her equipment may result in an attack by the Orcs and bounty in the hold.


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