"Ulen Athram. Of the Kragenmoor Athrams. Made my fortune in the flin trade, and now I'm here in the city, living the life of ease. I don't miss Morrowind. All that sour Tribunal grumbling and old-fashioned ancestor worship. Good riddance."
―Ulen Athram[src]

Ulen Athram is a Dunmer living in the Imperial City. He lives in his house in the Talos Plaza District with his wife, Dralora Athram.


Ulen Athram was originally from Kragenmoor, like the rest of the Athram family. He states that he made his fortune trading Flin. He can occasionally be seen traveling between the Imperial City and Chorrol.

Athram is a member of the Mythic Dawn, and will attack the Hero after the Dagon Shrine portion of the Main Quest is completed.


  • "It's all about the Yellow Team! Go Yellow Team! Yeah! Woo! Wait, you didn't bet on the Blue Team, did you? 'Cause that would just be plain stupid!"


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