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Ulfgar the Unending is a Nord barbarian who may be found at his dwelling.


In the late Second Era Ulfgar set out to find Sovngarde with Erlendr, Hunroor, Nikulas, and Grimkell. Grimkell later betrayed the group and turned the other three into stone pillars at Brodir Grove. Ulfgar avenged his companions by killing Grimkell.[1]

Ulfgar still needs help finding Sovngarde and asks the Nerevarine to duel him in a fight to the death. At the time of the events in Bloodmoon, Ulfgar is over 500 years old.


Ulfgar uses or carries the following:


Betrayal at Brodir GroveEdit

Ulfgar requests the Nerevarine to duel him in a fight to the death in order to find Sovngarde. After being defeated, another pillar is added to Brodir Grove and Ulfgar finally accomplishes his long-standing goal.





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