Not to be confused with Ulundil or Undil.

Ulondil is a Maormer ambassador living in Mistral who is trying to sort out a conflict regarding the treaty between his people and the locals of Khenarthi's Roost, as he is opposed to the Aldmeri Dominion's recent presence in the area. He is very hostile about the topic, and greatly dislikes The Silvenar.

He is also involved in the plot regarding the Tempest and is the main antagonist in the Khenarthi's Roost region.


The Perils of DiplomacyEdit

The Vestige asks him for his copy of the treaty, but he refuses. Later, he can be seen interrogating Apothecary Mizibir. It is revealed he ordered the murders, and when confronted, he retreats. The Vestige will have the option to kill him or let him live. The latter will allow him to be interrogated and learn about The Tempest.


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