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Ultimate Skills are very powerful attacks that can be unlocked by successfully filling up the Finesse bar. These attacks level up the more that they are used, like other skills.

Ultimate Skills cost a specific amount of Ultimate to activate, they do not consume Magicka or Stamina. Additional Ultimate can be gained through savvy use of skills in combat and through certain passive skills which increase Ultimate earned.

Ultimate skills are one of the six skills in the hotbar that can be used by players. Some are class based, meaning that different classes will be able to unlock different skills.

By class[]

Class and Skill Line Ultimate Skill
Dragonknight Ardent Flame Dragonknight Standard
Draconic Power Dragon Leap
Earthen Heart Magma Armor


Assassination Death Stroke
Siphoning Soul Shred
Shadow Consuming Darkness


Daedric Summoning Summon Storm Atronach
Dark Magic Negate Magic
Storm Calling Overload


Aedric Spear Radial Sweep
Dawn's Wrath Nova
Restoring Light Rite of Passage