"What am I doing out here? I must get back and make master Neloth's tea."
―Ulves Romoran[src]

Ulves Romoran is a Dunmer cook found on Solstheim. He can be found at the Sun Stone, under the influence of Miraak. However, once he is freed, he returns to Tel Mithryn's kitchen where he works.

Ulves Romoran is also known to be able to contract three hired thugs to kill the Dragonborn. If approached, he never mentions the contracting, only mourning the death of Neloth's previous stewardess.  It is unknown why he sends thugs after the Dragonborn


  • "Still can't figure out why I was working on that damned pillar."
  • "Damnable ash! No matter how much I wash the food, it still gets in."