Umana is a Redguard and one of the explorers in the Alftand expedition.[1] She and Sulla Trebatius are encountered just before one of the many entrances into Blackreach. Both of them are hostile to the Dragonborn.


Umana states in her journal that while first excited to be exploring the ruins, she began to worry about the members of the team that would go missing in the night and thought she could hear their screams from somewhere in the ruin, though was unsure if it was real or just nightmares. In the expedition's manifest, Sulla states that Umana is his "bodyguard and constant companion," though in the end she disregards this and fights him to the death over a dispute.

Umana expresses a wish to abandon the expedition, but Sulla refuses, and irrationally accuses her of wanting them to go back so she can come and claim all the glory. She and Sulla then engage in combat due to Sulla's paranoia. Despite seeming to be the most level-headed of the group, she attacks the Dragonborn on sight.


It's not worth itEdit

Umana "Sulla, let's just get out of here. Hasn't there been enough death?"
Sulla "Oh, of course. You're just waiting for me to turn my back so you can have all the glory for yourself!"


  • Umana is equipped with a unique shield, the Targe of the Blooded, which inflicts bleeding damage when used to bash, due to the spikes adorning it.
  • She is outfitted in an almost complete set of Steel Plate Armor (missing only the helm), regardless of the Dragonborn's level when encountering her.



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