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Umbra is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


Quick walkthroughEdit

There is an Orc in the mountains near Suran that wishes a fight with the Nerevarine. If they accept, they will go into the fight. Players should note that it is very hard while on low levels. Umbra will be on his body. It is a unique two-handed sword.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

While in Suran, the Nerevarine must head to the Suran Tradehouse where they can find Ashumanu Eraishah. When asked about the latest rumors, she will tell the Nerevarine about an Orc she saw in the mountains.

The player can also start the quest by heading straight to the mountains east of Suran. There, they will run into the Orc calling himself Umbra, who will challenge them to a fight, because he is longing death. If they decline his request, he will remain there until they come back and accept. When they accept, he will battle the player with his sword of the same name. When they kill him, he will have the sword on his body, along with a full set of Orcish Armor. There is no bounty for killing him, because he attacked first.


Umbra - MS_Umbra
IDJournal Entry
10While in Suran, I spoke to Ashumanu Eraishah. She told me of a madman on a hill nearby. She thinks the man is dangerous, although he hasn't harmed anyone around.
  • Quest accepted
20I've met an orc on the top of a mountain near Suran. It appears he is a warrior, but he seems world-weary and jaded. He tells me his name is Umbra.
30This orc, Umbra, has only one desire -- to die. He seems upset that the gods have put no one in this world capable of killing him, allowing him to achieve his goal of death in battle. He would like me to try and kill him.
40Death seems a fair thing to grant this man. He wishes to die in battle, so I will give him the death he deserves.
50I cannot bring myself to fight this man. He seems mad to me, and his slaughter would bring me no glory.
60I have killed the orc called Umbra. He was a valiant warrior, and he has died in the manner of his choosing.
  • Quest completed
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