Not to be confused with Umaril.

Umbriel is a floating island, ripped straight from the realm from where the Hist originated. Umbriel existed within a bubble of Oblivion, and was described as an upside down cone. Within lay a conical valley filled with a water lake called the Sump, warrens cut into the valley slops for workers and lesser denizens, ever more splendid palaces for the Lords, and at the very tops of the city the home of the highest Lords. On the rim at the very top lay a thick forest of trees very similar to the Hist. The Lord of Umbriel is named Vuhon.

Umbriel's denizens were beings that grew within the sump from worms which grew in cocoons until they resembled Humans or Mer, or other lifeforms encountered by Umbriel as it traversed the various realms of existence. When "born," Umbrielians appeared as adults and were assigned their lot in life. Some became Skraws who gathered food grown within the Sump, while others became Kitchen workers for the numerable kitchens around the city. Other Umbrielians would go on to become Lords controlling weaker servants, whose movement around the city was tightly controlled. These Lords were known for their varied appetites, and were fed on cuisine ranging from physical food to the energy of captured souls. Many of the denizens have no idea of the outside of Umbriel, and cannot leave even if they wished: Due to the bubble of Oblivion that Umbriel existed within, any being connected with Umbriel would begin to lose cohesion a certain distance from the city.

There is an exception to this rule, however. The island sends down insectoid creatures called Larvae, which dissipate into black mist before taking control of humanoid creatures and using the corpses as an undead army, which can affect the world in a way Umbriel cannot. The souls of these victims are captured by using thick "gossamer-like" fibers. Some of the souls are sent to the Kitchens for the use of the residents, although most are sent to the Ingenium to keep the island aloft. Umbriel first appeared in Tamriel 49 years after the Oblivion Crisis.[1][2] It was originally powered partly by the power of Umbra, a being that stole a great chunk of power from the Daedric Prince Clavicus Vile.



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