Umbrielians are a race native to the flying city of Umbriel. Unlike the mortal races of Nirn, the Umbrielians are grown as worms in the sump. The Hist from Umbriel remember all the forms of life on the city, and they are able to reproduce the protoforms or little worms Umbrielians start as in the sump. The worms grow up into adult bodies, while the Ingenium supplies the required souls.[UL 1]

Those born to be skraws tend and harvest the sump. With the arrival of Mere-Glim to the sump, the skraws were planned to be replaced by Argonian shaped Umbrielians. The Umbrielians take care of all the tasks in Umbriel, from taking care of the growing worms in the sump to attending the chefs in the kitchens.

Known Umbrielians



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