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For other uses, see Undaunted Enclave.

Undaunted Enclave is a location just outside the Deshaan city of Mournhold in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Taking the Undaunted Pledge[]



Normal Pledges[]

Veteran Pledges[]

  • Veteran Crypt of Hearts Pledge
  • Veteran Banished Cells Pledge
  • Veteran City of Ash Pledge
  • Veteran Elden Hollow Pledge
  • Veteran Spindleclutch Pledge
  • Imperial City Prison Pledge
  • White-Gold Tower Pledge
  • Veteran Darkshade Pledge
  • Veteran Wayrest Sewers Pledge
  • Veteran Fungal Grotto Pledge

Delve quests[]

From Bolgrul:

  • Ancestor Wards in Deshaan
  • Ancient Armaments in Bangkorai
  • Ayleid Trinkets in Grahtwood
  • Culinary Justice in Greenshade
  • Cursed Baubles of Stormhaven
  • Darkness Blooms in Rivenspire
  • Dwarven Relics of Stonefalls
  • Give and Take in Stormhaven
  • Icy Intrigue in Eastmarch
  • Inflamed Pyres of The Rift
  • Mascot Theft in Reaper's March
  • Red Rook Ransack in Glenumbra
  • The Spirit Trap in Malabal Tor
  • Veiled Darkness in Auridon