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Undead are a type of enemy creature in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion that consist of reanimated corpses and spirits. They are usually summoned by necromancers, although sometimes they will break the magical bonds that bind them to the necromancer, causing them to roam freely and attack anything living. Some undead naturally reanimate. The Hero can summon most of these undead creatures to aid themselves in battle.

Undead are weak to fire and can be forced to flee with Turn Undead spells from the Conjuration school of magic. Some undead, like ghosts and wraiths, cannot be harmed with normal weapons. They need to be hit with a silver, Daedric, or enchanted weapon instead. The Conjuration school of magic will allow the Hero to summon all kinds of undead creatures, including the ones listed below.

List of undead creatures[edit | edit source]

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