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Under Siege is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon in which the Nerevarine must recover a shipment of weapons for Falco Galenus from Constans Atrius.

Background[edit | edit source]

Falco has asked me to travel to Fort Frostmoth and collect several silver longswords from Constans Atrius.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Falco Galenus for an assignment to collect silver longswords
  2. Retrieve the weapons from Constans Atrius in Fort Frostmoth
  3. Return to Falco
  4. Enter Raven Rock Mine and kill all the Skaal
  5. Recover the tattered note from the Skaal
  6. Bring the note to Falco
  7. Speak to Carnius Magius and question him about the attack
  8. Kill Carnius
  9. Return to Galenus for the reward and a promotion

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

A few days after completing the quest "Protect Falco," if the Nerevarine asks Falco Galenus about assignments, he will ask them to pick up some silver longswords that Carnius Magius has but refuses to deliver.

Head to Fort Frostmoth. Constans Atrius should have the swords. Once the Nerevarine has the swords, they should return to Falco in Raven Rock.

Upon returning to Falco, he will inform the Nerevarine that the colony has been attacked by Skaal warriors. However, the guards have been able to drive them into Raven Rock Mine. He then tasks the Nerevarine with going into the mine and killing the invaders to rescue the workers. At this point, the Nerevarine can do whatever they want with the longswords; they can sell them or drop them without consequence.

The Nerevarine should head into the mine and kill all the hostile Nords. They have the tendency to gang up, so it is wise to bring a few potions of healing. Once all of them are dead, they should be searched to find a tattered note.

Bring the note to Falco. He will conclude from it that the attack was not actually performed by the Skaal, but that it was Carnius' doing. He will send the Nerevarine to confront Carnius in Fort Frostmoth.

Head to Fort Frostmoth and confront Carnius. He will admit that the attack was his doing and attack the Nerevarine. Magius is a powerful opponent, so the Nerevarine must be prepared. Once Carnius is dead, return to Falco to be named Factor of Raven Rock.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Under Siege – CO_13
Falco has asked me to travel to Fort Frostmoth and collect several silver longswords from Constans Atrius.
  • Quest accepted
I've collected the swords, and should return them to Falco.
The Skaal have apparently attacked the colony. Falco and the others were able to push the attacks into the mine, but there are now workers trapped in there. Falco wants me to go in, elminate the Skaal, and make sure the workers are safe.
I have arrived at the fort, but Carnius is not here. I've been told he can be found along the coast, east of a large rock formation and burial tomb. I'll need to hurry if I'm to give him this report in time.
Falco has taken a note from me that was found on one of the Nords.
Falco wants me to take the note and confront Carnius with it.
I confronted Carnius with the evidence of his involvement in the attack on the colony. He flew into a rage and attacked me.
I have killed Carnius Magius.
Falco has named me as the new Factor of the Raven Rock division of the East Empire Company.
  • Quest complete

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Constans Atrius will only give you 3 silver longswords even though it tells you to retrieve 7.

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