Underfoot is a side quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


A strange woman came up to me as they were walking through the woods. She said something about Skeevers before leading me into the hills.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Follow Molla
  2. Pick up the wand
  3. Talk to Molla
  4. Save Faltha
  5. Save Runs-In-Wild
  6. Save Brend
  7. Talk to Molla


Molla will appear when the Vestige is near the Bleakrock Wayshrine. When spoken to, she will sound surprised that they can understand her and realizes that she is not a skeever. When the Vestige asks her if she is supposed to be, she asks the Vestige to follow her.

Follow Molla to a wand lying in the snow. When it is picked up, she will explain that her friends were changed into skeevers by a mage who came upon them. She is unsure how the wand works, and cannot pick it up. Molla asks the Vestige to use it on her companions as she believes that this will turn them back to human form.

Faltha, a Dunmer woman, can be found east of the Hunter's Camp. Runs-In-Wild, an Argonian hunter, is east of Orkey's Hollow. Brend, a local Nord, will be to the southwest of Halmaera's House. The areas in which to search for the skeevers will be fairly small, and once they are found, it is easy to use the wand on them as they do not move quickly.

After using the wand on all three companions, Molla can be found in the southern portion of Bleakrock Village, where she will thank the Vestige and give them leveled gold as a reward.


  • 36–151 GoldIcon
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