For other uses, see Underpall Cave.

Underpall Cave is a lair of undead. It is located along the Orange Road northeast of Chorrol. The lair starts out as a cave but turns into a large fort.

The necromancer in charge can be found wandering the halls and conducting experiments in the fort, which is on the shore of a giant underground lake. It is also the site of the tomb of Lord Berich Vlindrel in the official Knights of the Nine plug-in, in which the Hero faces his wraith.


  • Underpall Cave
  • Underpall Keep
  • Underpall Keep Reflecting Chamber
  • Underpall Keep – South Wing
  • Underpall Keep – North Wing


The Sword of the CrusaderEdit

After collecting all the other Crusader relics: the Boots, Gauntlets, Helm, Cuirass, Shield, and the Mace, the Hero returns to the Priory of the Nine.


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