Undertow Cavern is a cave just north of the Leyawiin city walls. Remotely related to a couple of quests that involve the nearby city.


The cave has two sublocations, the first of which is called simply "Undertow Cavern." bandits, rats, slaughterfish, and traps can be found here, as well as seven chests.

The second sublocation is named "Undertow Cavern, Hold-Your-Breath" and has submerged sections. Three chests are located in this back area; two of them are locked (Easy), but contain decent loot.


If the quest "Knights of the White Stallion" is finished and one is looking for extra Black Bow Bandits, sometimes a Black Bow can be found in this cave.

If the Fighters Guild quest "Drunk and Disorderly" is completed, Vantus Prelius can be found near this cave.


  • "The Undertow" is also the name of a tavern in Anvil known for its "dark beer."[1]



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