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Underwater Locations can be hard to find but many items can be found underwater, some very early in the game, and others on different quests. One of the benefits of exploring underwater in Cyrodiil is that there are few enemies that can swim and those that can, mudcrabs and slaughterfish, are easily dispatched. This is the beginning of a list of items and locations related to the underwater environment.

Province of CyrodiilEdit

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These locations are in Cyrodiil's bays, seas, lakes and rivers. This section also includes areas in underwater in other locations of the Imperial Province.

Locations with major underwater areasEdit

Characters found underwaterEdit

Quests that take place in waterEdit

Underwater chest locationsEdit

Underwater item locationsEdit

Shivering IslesEdit

Some items can be found regularly underwater in the Shivering Isles, including Grummite Egg Mounds and Crystal Chests. Baliwogs, Grummites and Scalons roam the waters protecting these treasures, making swimming much more dangerous in the Isles than in Cyrodiil.

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