Ungallant Behavior is a Daedric Price quest available in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. The Agent is sent to slay an errant sorcerer, whose "ungallant behavior" has displeased Meridia, Prince of Life.


In their pursuit of more power to aid their quest, the Agent may seek the power of the Daedric Princes. On the 13th of Morning Star the Prince of Life Meridia may be summoned, if the Agent agrees to pay a summoner of either a Witch Coven, Mages Guild or a temple.


  1. Successfully summon Meridia on the 13th of Morning Star
    1. Speak with Meridia and accept the Prince's quest.
  2. Journey to the dungeon specified by the Prince.
    1. Track down and kill the sorcerer identified by Meridia.
  3. Journey to the town mentioned by Meridia.
    1. Speak with Meridia's apostle before the time limit expires.


The Agent may approach a summoner at either the Mages Guild, a Temple, or a Witch Coven to summon one of the Daedric Princes. If the summoning occurs on the 13th of Morning Star, the Agent may receive a vision of Meridia, whom immediately offers them a quest. Indeed, Meridia seeks to reward the Agent's "ambition," and will reward them if they complete their task.

A Renegade SorcererEdit

Accepting Meridia's task will reveal that a sorcerer has decided to "renege" on a deal between themselves and the Prince. As such, Meridia requests that the Agent demonstrate that "ungallant behavior is fatal," in return for a token of Meridia's power. This token, the Ring of Khajiiti, will be waiting for the Agent in the hands of one of Meridia's apostles.

With that the Agent is off to find the sorcerer, who will be found in a dungeon listed in the Agent's journal. Inside the dungeon, the Agent may come across a number of sorcerers, so they will have to keep attacking the wizards until one of them utters:

"So, Meridia sends her lackeys against me. But I am not without allies of my own. Come to me, children of Oblivion! Serve your master [Sorcerer's name] in [his/her] hour of need!"

Upon completing that statement the sorcerer will summon a group of fire daedra and daedroths, which will all attack the Agent. They will continue to appear until the sorcerer lies dead, which will be highlighted by the following notification:

"[Sorcerer's name] lies dead at your feet. Lady Meridia is now in your debt."

With that, the Agent simply has to escape the dungeon, journey to the town mentioned by Meridia, and meet with the Prince's apostle. Speaking with the apostle before the time limit expires will complete the quest successfully.


Completing the quest successfully within the time limit will see the Agent rewarded with the Ring of Khajiit by the Prince's apostle. The Agent will also receive a boost in reputation with the faction whom summoned the Prince for them, as well as the faction's associates. Conversely, failing the quest will result in the Agent losing reputation with the summoner's faction.

The changes made to reputation, either by successfully completing or failing the quest are shown below:

Faction Reputation
Summoning Faction +5
Associates +2
Faction Reputation
Summoning Faction -2
Associates -1


Ungallant Behavior — 10c00y00
IDJournal Entry
0 [Date]:

I have [x] days to find and slay a Sorcerer named [Sorcerer's name], be in [town] to meet a [Apostle's description] named [Apostle's name], and receive Meridia's promised artifact, the Ring of Khajiit. I know [Sorcerer's name]'s location is [dungeon], and [Apostle's name] is in [town].

  • Quest accepted


  • Meridia does not state the name of the dungeon, although the Agent's journal will contain that information.
  • When asked for any news, NPCs have a variety of comments to make referencing the quest:
    • Acceptance: "The sorcerer in [dungeon] is a notorious collector of strange artifacts." or "I hear that [Sorcerer's name] contracts with spirits for additions to [his/her] collections."
    • Success: "They say that some creature from [Sorcerer's name]'s collection rose up and killed [him/her]." or "[Sorcerer's name] was apparently killed by someone interested in [his/her] vast collection."
    • Failure: "That packrat sorcerer finally left [dungeon]. I guess to acquire more stuff." or "That [Apostle's description] [Apostle's name] left [building] muttering about a dishonest [Agent's race]."
    • Meridia's apostle: "[Apostle's name] is the name of that [Apostle's description] at [building], just [direction] of here." or "[Apostle's name] is a quiet [Apostle's description] I met at [building]. That's to the [direction]." or "[Apostle's name] is one of Meridia's collectors in [region]. Charming, as [he/she] has to be." or "[Apostle's name] is a servitor of the Daedra Lady of Greed, Meridia."
    • The Ring of Khajiiti: "The ring is an ancient item of power. Reputedly, it can make its wearer as invisible, silent, and swift as the wind."


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