Ungolim's House is the residence of Ungolim and is located in the northern part of Bravil, above it is Ranaline's House. This two story building has one large room on the first floor with a fireplace, a diningtable with chairs and some miscellaneous items. Upstairs is his bedroom with an anteroom serving as an entertaining area. He's got three leveled chests, two of them on the upper floor and the third on the first floor.


A Kiss Before DyingEdit

The Hero must go to the city of Bravil, and lie in wait near the ancient statue known as the Lucky Old Lady. A Wood Elf named Ungolim visits the statue every night between around 6:00 PM and 1:00 AM to make a wish, as is the local custom. When they see Ungolim, they must kill him. The Hero should be wary, however, as Ungolim has been alerted to danger, and if he senses an assassin will probably attack on sight. He has also bribed the guards to look the other way if there is a fight.


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