The University of Gwylim (sometimes called the University of Gwilym[1]) is a university based in Cyrodiil that serves as a school, but also publishes a great deal of lore about the history of Tamriel. One of its best Sages was Tjurhane Fyrre, who wrote about his people, the Ayleids.[1]

The book Ancient Tales of the Dwemer by Marobar Sul was only published after they encouraged the publisher to do so.[2] The university also teaches a number of Spells, and it is known that Erer Darothil was a teacher of Illusion at the university at some point.[3]

In 2E 455, "Homfrey" was an esteemed historian from this university.[4] The university translated the book Opusculus Lamae Bal in 3E 105.[5]



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