Unmarked Cave is a cave south-southwest of Bruma, west of the Silver Road, near Bleaker's Way and north of Aleswell.


This is a three-leveled cave, but only one level is available. There is not much in the first level to loot, only a chest. The door at the entrance is locked and can only be opened with a key and at the end on the first level is a hole in the roof, used for escape from the other levels.

The second level is a large cave room with the bottom submerged. There are two doors leading to this level, one to the top and one to the bottom. In the water is a chest with some loot. When going through the top in this level, one can see that there is a hidden doorway to the rest of the cave. It is activated when coming close to it.

When opened it leads to a corridor with smaller rooms and finally to the other side of the large cave room. Rocks fall if one is too close in the narrow corridors. There are several chests scattered around with minor loot, such as potions, soul gems, and small sums of GoldIcon.

The third level is a large open cave with several hidden passageways. When coming very close to the large stones they are activated and in one of the side caves are two chests with leveled loot. One passageway eventually leads back to the Unmarked Cave and one can jump down to the first level and exit.


  • Unmarked Cave
  • Unmarked Cave Mazeway
  • Unmarked Cave Mazeway Black Queen's Hall



  • By using the console command tcl, or if one's Acrobatics skill is high enough, it is possible to explore the rest of the cave.
  • Using the floating paint brush glitch, it is possible (with enough paint brushes and patience) to make a staircase out of paint brushes to access the second and third levels without console commands. To do this, one must go to the northern section of the cave, and there they will find the large room with the chest. The room will have a hole in the ceiling, and one will have to make a paint brush staircase. Once the staircase is high enough, one should be able to jump through the hole and land in the level above. (Tested on 360)


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