Unmarked Locations are places that are never marked as icons on the world map upon discovery. There are many places on the world map that are unmarked but contain treasure chests, items or interesting characteristics that can be easily missed by the wandering adventurer. Locations like these are often camps, fields, shacks, shrines or ruins. This is a list of these locations for each of the Holds.

Eastmarch (Windhelm)

File:Lucky Lorenz House.jpg
File:Hunter Jacuzzi Camp.jpg

Falkreath Hold (Falkreath)

Haafingar (Solitude)

Clam Digger's Camp

Clam Digger's Camp.

Hjaalmarch (Morthal)

Black Arts Burial Ground

Black Arts Burial Ground

The Pale (Dawnstar)


Lover's Tent

The Reach (Markarth)

  • Dwemer Ruins: Druadach - East of Deep Folk Crossing is a small Dwemer ruin with a lone standing pillar, an altar with two dwarven arrows and a Dwemer Convector. (Official guide map marker 5.A)
  • Dragon Mound: Reachwater Pass - Opens during Elder Knowledge. (Official guide map marker 5.B)
  • Dwarven Arch: Harmugstal Falls - By a waterfall just north of Harmugstahl is a small dwarven arch with the Restoration (Skyrim) skill book Withershins. (Official guide map marker 5.C)
  • The Incautious Bather - A female swimmer, oddly named "captive", has been killed by the Forsworn. Her clothes and a high value necklace is nearby. Her journal explains the scene. Northwest of Shrine to Peryite. (Official guide map marker 5.D)
  • A Bandit's Book - (Official guide map marker 5.E)
  • Dwemer Ruins: Karth River Confluence - (Official guide map marker 5.F)
  • Forsworn Camp: Bthardamz Outskirts - Southwest of Bthardzam is a small forsworn camp with two dead Forsworns apparently killed by a nearby Frost Troll. Notable items include the Destruction skill book The Art of War Magic and a number of pelts and a chest. There is a silver ore vein nearby and a quicksilver vein further up the mountain. (Official guide map marker 5.G)
  • The Bloodied Bandit - (Official guide map marker 5.H)
  • Dragon Mound Ragnvald Vale - Opens during Elder Knowledge (Official guide map marker 5.I)

    Druadac Dwemer Pavillion

  • Druadach Dwemer Pavilion - (Officially known as: Dwarven Ruins: Lair of the Wispmother ) -  West of the Shrine to Peryite, near the mountain summit, is a Dwemer four-sided arch guarded by a Wispmother. (Official guide map marker 5.J)
  • Sabre Cat Ravine - A dead Sabre Cat with a skeleton. Also an Enchanted Hunting Bow, a leveled Battle axe, some steel arrows and a Knapsack containing random items are found here. West of Shrine to Peryite, in a cliff. (Official guide map marker 5.K)
  • Totem to Peryite - Between the Shrine to Peryite and Karthwasten is an alcove at the base of the cliff with a chest, two corpses and some poisons. This is a smaller shrine to Peryite. The chest contains the Illusion skill book Incident in Necrom. (Official guide map marker 5.L)
  • The Exposed Miner - (Official guide map marker 5.M)
  • Hagraven Nest - West of Ragnvald, a small path leads to a Hagraven camp. (Official guide map marker 5.N)
  • Dwarven Rubble: Salvius Farm Trail (Official guide map marker 5.O)
  • Shrine of Zenithar: Four Skull Lookout - (Official guide map marker 5.P)
  • Brush Strongbox: Riverside - (Official guide map marker 5.Q)
  • Lost Treasure: Purewater Run - (Official guide map marker 5.R)
  • Forsworn Camp: Reachwater River - (Official guide map marker 5.S)
  • Dragon Mound: Karthspire Bluffs - Opens during Alduin's Wall (Official guide map marker 5.T)
  • Reachman's Alter: Red Eagle Redoubt - (Official guide map marker 5.U)
  • Dead Lovers Camp - Between Old Hroldan and Soljund's Sinkhole is a small camp with a male Dunmer and a female human slain by an animal. The woman's journal tells the tale of their plan to elope. (Official guide map marker 5.V)
  • River Rapids Treasure Chest - West of Old Hroldan lies a chest on a small island with the Illusion Skill Book: 2920, vol 02 - Sun's Dawn. (Official guide map marker 5.W)
  • Reachwind Burial Mound - (Official guide map marker 5.X)
  • Forsworn Camp: Gloomreach - Exactly east of Dushnikh Yal and Southwest of Rorikstead, on a small path that climbs up towards Valthume is a small Forsworn camp with two forsworn. An Apothecary's Satchel lies on one of the hay beds. (Official guide map marker 5.Y)
  • Shrine of Dibella: Old Hroldan - (Official guide map marker 5.Z)

Juniper Shrine

  • Juniper Shrine - Northwest of Valthume, further up the path from the small Forsworn camp above, is a small Dwemer ruin with a planted Juniper tree. Behind the tree is an unlocked Dwemer chest and the skill book Enchanter's Primer. (Official guide map marker 5.AA)
  • Trollsbane Demise: Cradle Stone Crag - Between Valthume and Cradle Stone Tower is a troll den where the body of Frofnir Trollsbane is found. The den is home to two trolls fighting one another. Frofnir carries the unique warhammer Trollsbane. (Official guide map marker 5.AB)
  • A broken boat on the shores of the river Southwest of Sky Haven Temple. It contains a strongbox, an apothecary's satchel, and scattered flawless gems, including, a Flawless Ruby used for the quest, The Only Cure. In the water next to it are a few mead barrels and a chest.
  • Abandoned Horses - North-east of Karthwasten, over the river, 2 horses without owners are standing between trees.
  • Attacked Forsworn Camp - West of Reachcliff Cave is a forsworn camp under attack by two soldiers, with a treasure chest, satchel, and Blocking skill book.
  • Dwarven Pillar - East of Deep Folk Crossing is a small dwemer ruin with a lone standing pillar, an altar with two dwarven arrows and a Dwemer Convector.

The Rift (Riften)

  • Clearspring Cave - a cave located below Clearspring Tarn. This is the location of the Bow of the Hunt, a unique weapon.
  • Trolled Stormcloaks: Darkwater Overhang - Heading north down the path from Ivarstead is a rocky outcrop inhabited by a troll. The cave contains the bodies of two Stormcloaks as well as an Orichalcum ore vein. One body carries a note as well as the Heavy Armor skill book Chimarvamidium. (Official guide map marker 9.A)
  • Woodcutter's Camp - South of Lake Geir close to the road to Ivarstead, woodcutter slain in his camp. (Official guide map marker 9.B)
  • Chicken Reanimator - South of Lake Geir, a novice necromancer practices his art on dead chickens. (Official guide map marker 9.C)
  • Treasure Hunter's Camp - East of Lake Geir, small camp with a smoking camp fire. There's a note with directions to the treasure at Treasure Hunter's Island. (Official guide map marker 9.D)
  • Treasure Hunter's Island - South of Nilheim  on Lake Geir is a treasure chest on an island along with two treasure hunters. (Official guide map marker 9.E)
  • Dragon Mound: Autumnwatch Woods - Opens during Diplomatic Immunity. (Official guide map marker 9.F)
  • Shrine of Talos: Froki's Peak - South of Froki's Shack is a shrine with minor loot, including the Two-Handed skill book King. (Official guide map marker 9.G)
  • Medresi's Camp: Angarvunde - Mercinary camp belonging to Medresi Dran, you can find her in the nearby dungeon Angarvunde. Read Medresi's Notes and pick up the Speech skill book A Dance in Fire, Book VI. (Official guide map marker 9.H)
  • Wild Animal Den: Mistwatch - South of Mistwatch and northeast of Clearspring Tarn is a simple animal den with little to loot. (Official guide map marker 9.I)
  • Bandit's Shack: Autumnshade - North of Heartwood Mill is an abandoned wooden house taken over by two bandits and their dog. The Block skill book Battle of Red Mountain is on the table. (Official guide map marker 9.J) After the DLC Dawnguard, this location becomes Redwater Den (a marked location).
  • Northwind Chest - South of Northwind Summit, on a ledge on the way down the mountain, there are two skeletons and a novice locked chest with some loot. (Official guide map marker 9.K)
  • Altar in the Woods - Directly north of Autumnshade Clearing is a small Dwemer ruin that a mage is using as an alter. Also find the Restoration skill book Racial Phylogeny. (Official guide map marker 9.L)
  • Dragon Mound: Autumnshade Woods - Opens during Bleak Falls Barrow. (Official guide map marker 9.M)
  • Hunter's Camp: Autumnshade Hills - Directly south of Autumnshade Clearing is a small camp with two trading hunters. The Archery skill book The Gold Ribbon of Merit is in one of the tents. This is probably the camp of the two slain hunters at Autumnshade Clearing. (Official guide map marker 9.N)
  • Troll Den Rkund - West of the Ruins of Rkund is a Nordic barrow built into the mountain. There's no way to enter the barrow, but there is a chest and a troll to loot. (Official guide map marker 9.O) A short walk to the east of the Troll Den find the Lockpicking skill book Proper Lock Design next to a fallen birch tree.
  • Wild Animal Den: Crystaldrift Cave - Just around the corner from Crystaldrift Cave's entrance is an animal den. There's no treasure chest here. (Official guide map marker 9.P)
  • Dragon Mound: Lost Tongue Pass - Opens during Diplomatic Immunity. (Official guide map marker 9.Q)
  • Wolf Den: Shor's Stone - Southeast of Shor's Watchtower is a den with a dead bandit. (Official guide map marker 9.R)
  • Trapper's Dilemma - In the forest east of Fort Greenwall is a rusty cage containing a wolf. If one frees the wolf, two trappers will appear from behind a rock and will attack . If the wolf survives, he'll remain around the cage. (Official guide map marker 9.S)
  • Miner's Camp: Velothi Mountains - East of Fort Greenwall up in the mountains, a Frost Troll guards the skeletons of two miners. Slightly down the slope, some other skeletal remains are found next to a pair of monk boots and the Destruction skill book The Art of War Magic. After the Dragonborn DLC, this is the location of the Last Vigil (now marked on the map). (Official guide map marker 9.T)
  • Forest Stash - Below and directly west of the Miner's Camp, (described above), a set of armor and the Heavy Armor skill book Hallgerd's Tale lie behind a fallen tree.
  • The Three Sentinels - Three guard towers on the road north of Riften. Each tower has a chest with "confiscated goods", it's not stealing to take the loot or anything else from these towers. (Official guide map marker 9.U)
  • Shrine of Zenithar (Riften) - Just a short distance northeast from the Three Sentinels is the ruins of a small tower with a shrine, a skeleton, minor loot, and a leveled hostile animal. (Official guide map marker 9.V)
  • Tumbledown Tower - Southeast of Riften, along the main road, a single ruined tower hides two bandits waiting for an ambush. One of the bandits has the two handed skill book King. There's also a chest. (Official guide map marker 9.W)
  • Dead Khajiit Merchant - Down the road from Tumbledown Tower is a bridge over a stream. Under the waterfall feeding the stream is a dead Khajiit merchant, a coin purse and some coins. Above the waterfall is Broken Helm Hollow. It's likely he was killed by the bandits there and thrown down or fell trying to escape.
  • The Burning Farmhouse - Found east of Lost Tongue Overlook and directly south of Broken Helm Hollow
    surrounded by mountains. Inside the house is an unlocked chest as well as a Scroll of Conjure Flame Atronach, which is likely why the house is burning. The Destruction skill book Horror of Castle Xyr is hidden under a hollow fallen tree. (Official guide map marker 9.X)
  • Flagged Troll Lair: Jerall Mountain Ridge - East of Stendarr's Beacon

    Flagged Troll Lair.

    in the most southeastern part of Skyrim, a blood trail leads to a Frost Troll lair. A lone flag raised on the rocky ledge marks the location of a leveled helmet, a locked strongbox and a Block skill book A Dance in Fire, Book II (book may be under the dead wolf). (Official guide map marker 9.Y)
  • Two Pine Ridge - Exactly east of Stendarr's Beacon, just downhill from Flagged Troll Lair, (see above), is a single bed roll under a tree, next to a pickaxe and 2 books, including the Sneak skill book 2920, vol 08 - Last Seed. (Official guide map marker 9.Z)
  • Water Slide Chest - North of Nilheim, down a very long water chute, is a lone chest in a narrow canyon before another large waterfall.
  • To the southwest of Darkwater Pass, to the left when climbing up the path towards Ivarstead and near a Corundum Ore vein, are some barrels and an empty sack next to the Pickpocket skill book Aevar Stone-Singer. This is located just north of the water slide chest described above.
  • Dead Redguard - West of Heartwood Mill, a dead Redguard man lies over a tree stump, with the Lockpicking skill book Advances in Lock Picking underneath him.

Winterhold Hold (Winterhold)


Mount Anthor Summit.

Whiterun Hold (Whiterun)

Wispmother Pass

Wispmother Pass

Solstheim DB

The following are unmarked locations found only in the The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn expansion:


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