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Unsanctioned Training is a Mages Guild quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Ranis Athrys says that an Argonian healer named Only-He-Stands-There is offering an unsanctioned training in Restoration in the South Wall Cornerclub. The Mages Guild wants to stop his business.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Ask Ranis Athrys for the next assignment.
  2. Talk to Only-He-Stands-There in the South Wall Cornerclub and:
    • Convince him to stop training;
    • Agree to lie to Ranis in exchange of discount in training;
    • Or just kill him.
  3. Return to Ranis.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Upon speaking to Ranis Athrys about mages guild quests, she will inform the player that a certain argonian named Only-He-Stands-There has been giving training in Restoration without an official sanction from the Mages Guild. The guild doesn't tolerate rogue trainers, so the player is tasked with taking care of the problem.

Only-He-Stands-There is in the South Wall Cornerclub, which is on the southeastern end of town. Once there, speak with the argonian. He will refuse to stop giving training, but he will offer the player a discount for his training if the player lies to Ranis about whether he still gives training. However, if his disposition is raised high enough, he will agree to stop. Alternatively, the player may simply kill him.

After dealing with the argonian, return to Ranis Athrys to finish the quest and receive your reward


  • Four Scrolls of Elemental Burst: Fire


Unsanctioned Training
Ranis wants me to convince an Argonian at the South Wall Cornerclub to stop offering unsanctioned training in Restoration.
  • Quest accepted
I convinced Only-He-Stands-There to stop offering unsanctioned training. Only-He-Stands-There agreed to train me in Restoration. In exchange, I am to tell Ranis Athrys that he is no longer offering training without Guild permission.
I told Ranis Athrys that Only-He-Stands-There wouldn't be offering training anymore.
  • Quest complete
I told Ranis Athrys that Only-He-Stands-There wouldn't be offering training anymore. In exchange, he will train me in Restoration.
  • Quest complete

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