Untamed and Unleashed is a side quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Search for Lotus
  2. Search for any clues
  3. Talk to Talomar
  4. Search for any clues
  5. Talk to Talomar
  6. Search for Lotus
  7. Find the source of the cry
  8. Rescue the cornered keeper
  9. Talk to Elise Mallon
  10. Search for Lotus near the reflecting pool
    1. (Optional) Talomar seemed to know the keeper I rescued, Elise. He can probably tell me more about her.
  11. Pursue Lotus
  12. Talk to Conservator Vinelore
  13. Talk to Talomar
  14. Talk to Elise Mallon
  15. Talk to Talomar
  16. Find a way into the conservatory
  17. Enter the Conservatory
  18. Search the Conservatory
    1. (Optional) Elise might have some ideas about what exactly we are looking for.
    2. Hint: Elise suggested we might find more useful evidence upstairs.
  19. Search conservatory records for evidence
  20. Talk to Elise
  21. Find Talomar
  22. Talk to Vinelore
  23. Talk to Elise Mallon
  24. Find Lotus
  25. Defeat Vinelore and the Specimen
  26. Disrupt wards to free Lotus
  27. Follow Lotus to safety
  28. Meet Talomar Outside
  29. Talk to Talomar
  30. Talk to Talomar




  • Menagerie Keeper's Gloves
  • 73–302 GoldIcon

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