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Unused Characters are all Non-Player Characters that were created for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but not implemented into the game. In some cases, dialogue with characters that were included into the game, may reference these NPCs, despite the fact that they are not present in the game world.


Name Description Image
Affable Gent Affable Gent is a male Nord warrior who wears noble clothes and fur-lined boots, and carries a honed ancient Nord battle axe. He exists in the test cell WarehouseAmbushes. He sleeps when there is nobody around, and will ambush the player. Affable Gent
Argi Farseer Argi Farseer is a Nord mystic and Idgrod Ravencrone's sibling, as indicated by a relationship marker. Argi wears a set of farm clothes along with a pair of boots. She carries an iron dagger and a key to her hut located in Stonehills. Argi Farseer
Brond Brond is a Nord warrior intended to reside in the unused Windhelm Pit. Brond
Captain Metilius Captain Metilius is a male Nord Imperial Soldier. He wears an Imperial soldier outfit without a helmet, and carries an Imperial bow, 10 steel arrows, and a steel greatsword. He was only to appear if both "Bleak Falls Barrow" and "The Jagged Crown" (for either faction) are in the Dragonborn's quest log, in which case he would be in Castle Dour. Captain Metilius
Castor the Puzzlemaker's Corpse Castor the Puzzlemaker's Corpse is the body of a dead Dunmer bandit and mage. His purpose in the game is unknown. Castor the Puzzlemaker's Corpse
College Guard The College Guard was to be, as his name suggests, a guard for the College of Winterhold, complete with standard Guard dialogue. College Guard
Cow Hand Cow Hand was supposed to make an appearance in one of many Civil War quests, but was not added to the final version of the game. Cow Hand
Dawnguard Hunter The Dawnguard Hunter is a member of the Dawnguard, wearing the standard armor and using their weapons. It is unknown if this character was replaced with the Dawnguard Vampire Hunter or not. Dawnguard Hunter
DomnaMagia DomnaMagia is an Imperial Warrior wearing a leveled set of Vampire attire and a pair of boots. DomnaMagia
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Drunk Cultist The Drunk Cultist is a female conjurer intended to be used for the quest "A Night to Remember." She was supposed to be at the steps of the altar where the portal to the Misty Grove appears. Drunk Cultist
Edorfin Edorfin is a Dunmer who was intended to reside at the unused Windhelm Pits. Edorfin
Escaped Prisoner The Escaped Prisoner is a male Nord in ragged robes, intended for use as a random encounter. It is unknown if this character had anything to do with the Frightened Woman. Escaped Prisoner
Fellow Prisoner Fellow Prisoner
Grushnag Grushnag (Skyrim)
Headsman Headsman
Henrik Henrik
Herebane Sorenshield Herebane Sorenshield
Hrolmir Hrolmir
Huki Seven-Swords Huki Seven-Swords is a Nord warrior who was intended to reside at the unused Windhelm Pits. Huki Seven-Swords
Imperial Officer Imperial Officer
Imperial Wizard Imperial Wizard
Insane College Wizard Insane College Wizard
Jolf Jolf (Skyrim)
Karinda Karinda is a horse intended to belong to Dagny. Karinda
Liesl Liesl (Skyrim)
Load Dummy Load Dummy
Makhel Abbas Makhel Abbas
Marauder Marauder (Skyrim)
Mazgak Mazgak
Mithorpa Nasyal Mithorpa Nasyal
Muril Muril (Skyrim)
Pit Fan
Player Friend Player Friend
Reves Reves
Rogen Rogen
Saarthal Miner Saarthal Miner
Spirit of the Ancient Traveler Spirit of the Ancient Traveler
Steirod Steirod
Sulvar the Steady Sulvar the Steady is a Nord who was intended to reside at the unused Windhelm Pits. Sulvar the Steady
Talib Talib
Tasius Tragus Tasius Tragus
Terek Terek
TestJeffBCarryWaterBucket TestJeffBCarryWaterBucket
Thaer Thaer (Bosmer)
Thjollod Thjollod
Trilf Trilf
Trius Trius is a Breton wizard who was supposed to be found at Trius' Camp, an unmarked location near Pilgrim's Trench. Trius
Uglarz Uglarz
Urchin Urchin
Viding Viding
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