Unused Creatures also known as Test Creatures are creatures that were created for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, but were not implemented into the final version of the game. They are often used for testing certain combat mechanics, animations or reactions.


Name Description Image
Burning Zombie A neutral zombie that will only attack the player if provoked. It has a resistance to fire. Burning Zombie
FrostAtronachHugh01 FrostAtronachHugh01
Ghost Hound Ghost Hound
Goblin (hand to hand) Goblin (hand to hand)
Hugh'sMinotaurLord A non-hostile Minotaur that will immediately stumble and fall when hit by the player. Hugh'sMinotaurLord
MuontainLion MuontainLion
MinotaurB MinotaurB
MinotaurCombatTest Hugh'sMinotaurLord
TestCreatureGhostHugh07Array TestCreatureGhostHugh07Array
TestCreatureXivilaiHugh01 TestCreatureXivilaiHugh01
TestCreatureXivilaiHugh02 TestCreatureXivilaiHugh01
TestWraith01 TestWraith01
TestWraith02 TestWraith01
Tod A sheep that will go its own way once spawned. Tod
Troll Regen Troll Regen
SkippySI A friendly Skinned Hound that will sit down and bark once spawned. Skippy
ZombieCombatTest ZombieCombatTest
ZombieMixnMatch01 A friendly Zombie that will follow the player around when met, found in Object Avoidance Warehouse. ZombieMixnMatch01
ZombieMixnMatch02 ZombieMixnMatch02
ZombieMixnMatch03 A neutral zombie that will attack the player when they draw their weapon, found in Grant's Farmhouse Interior Test. ZombieMixnMatch03
ZombieMixnMatch04 ZombieMixnMatch04
ZombieMixnMatch05 ZombieMixnMatch05
ZombieMixnMatch06 ZombieMixnMatch01

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