Uresa Omoril is a Dunmer disciple of the Tribunal Temple who can be found in the right wing of Ald Daedroth in the Azura's Coast region. She is accompanied by a fellow Ordinator, Endroni Dalas, at the Daedric shrine to Lord Sheogorath, located on an island east of Mzuleft, and northeast of the Rotheran Stronghold.


Ordinators Uresa Omoril and Endroni Dalas are paired for a battle against Domba and Gnaw Tooth in the right wing area of the ruins. They may or may not already be engaged in combat when encountered. Domba and Gnaw Tooth are hostile towards the Nerevarine without provocation, while the Ordinators are not.

Uresa begins combat by casting Toxic Cloud to poison her adversary(ies). She follows up by casting Blood Despair to drain her opponent's Willpower. She quickly turns to melee combat, fighting with a Demon Mace although she is more highly skilled with long bladed weapons. Uresa is proficient in blocking with her shield, and may deflect a substantial number of attacks.

Attributes and equipmentEdit


Uresa Omoril is an accomplished melee fighter. She is most highly skilled in Long Blade, but is equipped with a Blunt Weapon mace. She is proficient at blocking with a shield, and in the use of heavy armor although she is equipped in medium armor in which she has 46 points. Uresa has 57 points in the Destruction school of magic, and 32 points in Restoration.
Primary Skills
Long Blade 66
Block 60
Blunt Weapon 60
Heavy Armor 60
Destruction 57

Abilities, powers, and spellsEdit

 • Resist Fire - 75%
 • Ancestor Guardian
 • Blood Despair
 • Dire Weakness to Fire
 • Dire Weakness to Frost
 • Dire Weakness to Magicka
 • Dire Weakness to Poison
 • Dire Weakness to Shock
 • Drain Blood
 • Exhausting Touch
 • Frost Storm
 • Gash Spirit
 • Ordeal of St. Olms
 • Shockbloom
 • Sleep
 • Toxic Cloud
 • Wearying Touch


 • Indoril Boots
 • Indoril Helmet
 • Indoril Shield
 • Expensive Robe
 • Indoril Belt
 • Demon Mace
 • Standard Restore Fatigue Potion
 • Standard Restore Health Potion


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