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"Urfon Ice-Heart is a legend among the Reachmen. For a while, we didn't even think he was a real person. But he's very real. And if the rumors are true, he's going to be extremely difficult to kill."
King Kurog[src]

Urfon Ice-Heart is a reachman warlord who serves as the leader of the Winterborn Clan. Urfon has been leading the Winterborn against the Orcish clans of Wrothgar, having a genuine hatred of the race, referring to them as "pig children."

Ice-Heart is an extremely feared and powerful warrior, having an extensive mastery over frost magic, being able to freeze living beings to the bone in a matter of seconds.


For King and Glory[]

Urfon can be found in Ice-Heart's Lair. After entering the dungeon, Urfon will be destroying the frozen remains of Orsimer soldiers, while having a conversation with King Kurog of Orsinium:

Urfon Ice-Heart: "So the king of the pig children has come to die. Your soldiers failed, Kurog. And so will you."
King Kurog: "Hahahaha! I love it when my enemies mock me, helps me work up a good rage."
Urfon Ice-Heart: "You treat everything like a joke! That's why the Orcs refuse to follow you. You mock the fallen and dishonor their sacrifices!"
King Kurog: "Dishonor? Ha! I'll honor them, by separating your head, from your body!"

Combat with Urfon is only initiated when the Vestige attacks him, or when the Vestige comes close enough that he detects them in his range. Once he is killed, Kurog will comment, "How do you like that, you cold bastard?" He will then take his sword and say, "Ice-Heart's blade is mine! Now maybe the clans will accept my rule."


Urfon is the strongest boss in Frostbreak Fortress. As such, it will be difficult to defeat him. During combat, Urfon will conjure multile Ice Archers to shoot at the Vestige and Kurog. He will also create circular zones spanning over a large circumference which deal a considerable amount of frost damage.

There is a simple strategy to defeat Ice-Heart, and is made easy thanks to King Kurog's assistance as a follower. When Urfon summons his archers, it is suggested that the Vestige targets and destroy them to lower the damage output. After that is done, attack Ice-Heart using a ranged weapon while Kurog takes him on during a melee fight, and make sure not to enter Ice-Heart's frost damage-dealing areas.