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Uriel Septim I (born 3E ??–3E 64) was the fourth Emperor of Tamriel. His rule started in 3E 48.[1] Uriel I succeeded his mother, Kintyra Septim. He would be the first of seven Uriels to command the throne during the Third Era.[2]

Throughout his rule, Uriel I promoted lawfulness and furthered the establishment of Imperial organizations. During his reign, Tamriel was united to a great extent.[3] Under his rule and nurture, both the Mages Guild and Fighters Guild prospered and grew.[2]

Uriel I died in 3E 64 and was succeeded by his son, Uriel II.[2]


Emperor of Tamriel
Kintyra Septim 3E 483E 64 Uriel Septim II
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