Uriel Septim III (3E 973E 127), also known as Uriel Mantiarco, was the ninth ruler of the Empire of Tamriel.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Uriel III was the son of Potema Septim, daughter of the emperor Pelagius Septim II and wife of Mantiarco, King of Solitude.

Uriel became the heir of his father after his half brother. Prince Bathorgh was revealed to be the illegitimate child of Lord Thone and Queen Amodetha, although this was likely just a lie created by Potema. At a young age Uriel was told by his mother that he was the rightful Emperor, and was married to Princess Rakma to ensure the support of Farrun.

War of the Red Diamond[edit | edit source]

In the year 3E 119, Kintyra II was crowned as Empress following the death of her father, Antiochus. Uriel coordinated a series of three attacks against the Empire. He first attacked High Rock, forcing Kintyra to mobilize her army and march to this area. She was betrayed by the Duke of Glenpoint and captured. Uriel then attacked Imperial forts along the eastern islands of Morrowind, and the Empress's consort died defending these forts.With the Imperial army split in an attempt to defend High Rock and Morrowind, Uriel's forces marched on the Imperial City and took it after a fortnight. Uriel was crowned Emperor, and the war of the Red Diamond began in the year 3E 121.

After Cephorus Septim took control of Western High Rock in 3E 125, Uriel marched an army to meet him. In the Battle of Ichidag in 3E 127 he was defeated and captured, and on the way to Gilane for his trial was attacked by vigilantes. Uriel was slain, thus ending his short reign.

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Emperor of Tamriel
Kintyra II 3E 1213E 127 Cephorus Septim
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