Uriel Septim IV, also Uriel Lariat (??–3E 247), was the fifteenth Emperor to rule Tamriel.

Uriel Lariat was the son of Katariah and her consort Gallivere Lariat, and thus had no actual blood relation to Tiber Septim or the branch Matriarch Empress Kintyra. He was appointed King of High Rock after Cassynder abdicated due to poor health. At the time of his succession to Emperor in 3E 202, he left High Rock to reign as Uriel Septim IV. To the Elder Council, the nobility, and the people as a whole, he was a bastard child of Katariah. Uriel did not possess his mother's dynamism, his forty three-year reign being a hotbed of sedition. Despite the Lariat family's respected position (they were distant cousins of the Septims), few of the Elder Council were receptive to his claim as a blood relative of Tiber Septim.[1]

His father was Gallivere Lariat, who was a well noted and respected Breton Nobleman. Although Cassynder had legally made Uriel IV a Septim after he became the King of Wayrest (High Rock province), this did not matter to the people, especially since the Elder Council were effectively running the empire. Indeed, its final act of rebellion against him was that his son, Andorak Septim, was disinherited of his title, and Cephorus Septim II became Emperor instead.[1]

The Council had already established itself as a significant authority during his mother Katariah's many travels and the short reign of the frail Cassynder. As such, their power was remarkable, and as a perceivably alien monarch, Uriel IV found it impossible to keep them faithful, or even respectful, of his authority as Emperor. Time and time again, the Council and Emperor were at odds; and time and time again, the Council won the battles. Since the days of Pelagius II, the Elder Council had consisted of the wealthiest men and women in the Empire, and the power they wielded was, at the time, ultimate. This subjugation continued throughout Uriel IV's reign.[1]

Uriel IV died in 3E 247 with the throne going to a cousin more closely related to Tiber Septim, Cephorus Septim II.


Emperor of Tamriel
Cassynder Septim 3E 2023E 247 Cephorus Septim II
King of Wayrest
Cassynder Septim 3E 2003E 202 Eventually Eadwyre
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