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Uriel Septim V (??–3E 290) was the seventeenth ruler of the Empire of Tamriel. He inherited the throne from his father, Cephorus Septim II, in 3E 268.[1] His reign was marked by several ambitious conquests, the last of which was to the continent of Akavir. He is regarded as the best warrior Emperor since his ancestor Tiber Septim.[2]



Upon assuming the throne in 268, Uriel V immediately began to turn opinions, political and otherwise, in favor of the potential power the Empire could wield. At home, the Elder Council practically ran the Empire as Uriel V was away with his army. Turning the attention of Tamriel away from internal strife, he began planning his first series of invasions almost from the moment he took power.[2]

First invasion and heirsEdit

His first invasion was to the land of Roscrea (3E 271), which took his forces roughly four years to conquer. His next stop was Cathnoquey (3E 276), and after that, Yneslea (3E 279), Esroniet (3E 284), and finally his ill-fated expedition to Akavir (3E 288) where he was killed in the "Disaster at Ionith" in the year 3E 290.[1][2][3] His son Uriel was born shortly before he embarked on the journey to Akavir. Uriel Septim V's other children, the twins Morihatha Septim and Eloisa Septim (by a different woman named Thonica), were born about a month after he had set off to Akavir.

Akaviri InvasionEdit

Uriel spent years amassing a massive naval force to launch an assault on the continent of Akavir. After a period of sailing across the sea to Akavir, his massive expedition disembarked and the attempted conquest began in earnest. However, around two years into the campaign, Uriel V was slain at the Battle of Ionith. Despite his manner of death, Uriel's reputation as a fighter is second only to Tiber Septim's in the people's opinion. His death forced the Imperial army into retreat from Akavir, and the continent has not been revisited by a foreign army since. Upon news of his death reaching Cyrodiil, Uriel Septim VI, at just five years old, was crowned the next Emperor of Tamriel.[2][3]


Emperor of Tamriel
Cephorus Septim II 3E 2683E 290 Uriel Septim VI
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