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"Uriel V conquered Esroniet, but Uriel VI conquered the Elder Council."
―Sage Ugaridge[src]

Uriel Septim VI (3E 2853E 317) was the eighteenth ruler of the Empire of Tamriel.

At the age of five, Uriel Septim VI was crowned when his father, Uriel Septim V, was killed in Akavir on the battlefield of Ionith in 3E 290. Due to the extreme youth of Uriel, his mother, Imperial Consort Thonica, was given a restricted regency until Uriel was of sufficient age to govern satisfactorily. During this time, the Elder Council held most of the kingdom's true power, thus enabling it to make much legislation—some for its own favor and profit. Over the years, Uriel VI had been assuming positions of great variance, and at the age of 22 in 3E 307, he was formally given rule over the Empire. However, the then-current mechanisms of government granted him little power, his only power of note being that of the veto.[1]

The following six years saw the Emperor use his veto many times. He also revived previously defunct spy networks and guard units to bully and coerce those members of the Elder Council that opposed him. His half-sister Morihatha Septim would be an ally throughout this period, her marriage to Baron Ulfe Gersen of Winterhold putting her in possession of much wealth and influence. The sage Ugaridge commented regarding this period, "Uriel V conquered Esroniet, but Uriel VI conquered the Elder Council."[1]

Uriel died in 3E 317 when he fell from his horse. He remained in a grave condition for some time, but despite the best efforts of the finest Imperial healers, he could not be saved. He was succeeded by his sister Morihatha Septim.[1]


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