"Before my hearth and kin, and before the People of the Wastes, I name you Urshilaku Nerevarine, War Leader of the Urshilaku, and Protector of the People. In token of this, I give you the Teeth, which shall be a sign to all Dunmer, that you are the Nerevarine, and that the Urshilaku shall follow you in all things, even unto death, until the Enemy is defeated, or until you are dead, or until you give this back into my hand"

Urshilaku Nerevarine is one of the quests in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, after "The Path of the Incarnate."


  • Speak with Sul-Matuul in the Urshilaku Camp.
  • Listen to his counsel, and his explanation of the needs and duties of the Nerevarine.


Note 1: The quest to become the Ashlanders's Nerevarine runs in conjunction with the similar quests to become Hortator of the Great Houses. Although, Sul-Matuul will advise to wait until being the Hortator of all houses before becoming Ahemmusa Nerevarine, Zainab Nerevarine, Erabenimsun Nerevarine and Urshilaku Nerevarine, as this will make many people's disposition for the Nerevarine drop.
Note 2: The order in which these Tribes are visited and declare the Hero as Nerevarine does not affect the development of the main questline.


After going through Kogoruhn, and retrieved the Moon-and-Star ring of Azura, the Nerevarine can now, go back to the Urshilaku camp to speak with Sul-Matuul, and listen to his counsel, which is as follows:

"First, I would give you warning. When you are called Nerevarine, the word must spread, and many must year. Your enemies will hear, and come seeking your blood. And such friends as you may have among the Great Houses, those who heed the words of the Temple, they may forget their love for you. If you have business with the People of the Houses and the Temple, you may wish to conduct that business first, before you are named 'Nerevarine'."
"Second, I tell you, seek the counsel of Wise Woman Nibani Maesa, for you are an Outlander, and ignorant of the ways of our people. Nibani Maesa can tell you of the other tribes, and of their ashkhans. If you do not know these things, you will make many mistakes, and waste precious time. That is my counsel. Now, if you wish to be named Urshilaku Nerevarine, we may speak of these things."

The Nerevarine can learn more about being the Urshilaku Nerevarine, Sul-Matuul will tell the Hero of the need for the Nerevarine, and their duties, explaining the Curse of Dagoth Ur and the Sixth House, the False Gods of the Tribunal and their curse, and how the Nerevarine must overcome them and defeat them to free the people of Morrowind. After, listening to all this, the Hero is declared Urshilaku Nerevarine and receives the Teeth of the Urshilaku, from Sul-Matuul, as a token for the role undertaken.



Urshilaku Nerevarine – B1_UnifyUrshilaku
IDJournal Entry
1Sul-Matuul has warned me that people of the Great Houses and the Temple may be hostile when I am known as the Nerevarine. He also suggests that I take counsel with Nibani Maesa about the ways of the Ashlander tribes and their ashkhans, for I am an outsider, and unfamiliar with Ashlander ways.
  • Quest accepted
5Before Sul-Matuul will name me 'Nerevarine,' he first wishes to recite the needs and duties of the Nerevarine, so I may tell others. Sul-Matuul recites the need for the Nerevarine in three parts as follows. First, the curse of Dagoth Ur and the Sixth House threatens our land. Second, the False Gods lie, and offer false hope of protection. Third, I bear the Moon-and-Star of Nerevar.
10The first need and proof of the Nerevarine is the curse of Dagoth Ur and the Sixth House. Because I have fought the Sixth House, because I have suffered corprus, because I have harrowed Kogoruhn, I can tell others, and my story shall serve as proof of the need for the Nerevarine.
15The lies of the Tribunal and the false hope they offer of protection from Dagoth Ur are the second proof of the need for the Nerevarine. The False Gods have broken their promises, and have taken up the tools used by the enemies Kagrenac and Dagoth Ur. Since the Tribunal can no longer protect Morrowind from Dagoth Ur, the Nerevarine must shoulder that burden.
20The third proof of the need for the Nerevarine is Azura's sign: I bear the Moon-and-Star of Nerevar. The legend of Moon-and-Star is known to all loremasters. No man but Nerevar may wear that ring and live.
25These are the duties of the Nerevarine, as described to me by Sul-Matuul. I shall be Nerevarine of all the tribes, and Hortator of all the Great Houses. I shall eat the sin of the unmourned house, and free the false gods. I must defeat the Sixth House, and Dagoth Ur -- that is clear enough. I must free the Tribunal from their curse... I think that means free them from their use of Kagrenac's profane tools.
50Sul-Matuul has named me Nerevarine, War Leader of the Urshilaku, and Protector of the People. He has given me the Teeth, an enchanted heirloom of the tribe, which shall be a sign to all Dunmer that the Urshilaku have named me Nerevarine.
  • Quest completed
1I have slain an Urshilaku Ashlander. Now it will be impossible to have friendly dealings with them or their leaders.
  • Quest failed

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