Urtiso Faryon is a Dunmer sorcerer who resides in the city of Sadrith Mora in the Azura's Coast region. She is a loyal member of House Telvanni, holding the rank of Oathman.

Urtiso can be found at her sorcery shop, a small abode where she both lives and works, located across the road from the Morag Tong guildhall in northeastern area of the city. She offers custom spellmaking services in addition to selling a variety of spells, mainly from the Conjuration and Destruction schools of magic.


Urtiso is a proud Dunmer, and protective of her traditions and customs. She supports slavery and expresses anger towards Ashlanders who wish to abolish it in Morrowind. She is solicitous, and will respond to cries for help from anyone nearby.

When engaged in dangerous confrontations, she tends to stay and fight rather than flee, unless she becomes severely wounded and is in great distress. Conversely, Urtiso is fairly passive and will not initiate combat unless she has reason to dislike another person and witnesses them committing a crime.


Although Urtiso is not directly involved in any quests, with sufficient disposition she can provide useful information concerning people and items required for various quests. Some subjects that she may be willing to discuss include: the Black Jinx ring, Muck (requested by both Synnolian Tunifus and Raven Omayn), Draramu Hloran, Sload Soap (requested by Arara Uvulas), the Conjuration master trainer, Daedra Skin (requested by Galos Mathendis), and Miner Arobar.


Urtiso offers custom spellmaking services and spells from four schools of magic.

Service-related stats:


As a spellmaker who is not a member of the Mages Guild, Urtiso's services can be invaluable for any magic user that is not on friendly terms with the guild.

Spell merchantEdit

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Spell MagickaIcon Effect(s)
Great Feather 50 Feather 100 points for 10 seconds on self
Slowfall 40 Slow Fall 30 points for 10 seconds on self
Spell MagickaIcon Effect(s)
Bound Battle-Axe 6 Battle Axe for 60 seconds
Bound Dagger 6 Bound Dagger for 60 seconds
Bound Helm 6 Bound Helm for 60 seconds
Summon Bonelord 75 Summon Bonelord for 60 seconds
Summon Clannfear 66 Summon Clannfear for 60 seconds
Summon Flame Atronach 69 Summon Flame Atronach for 60 seconds
Summon Frost Atronach 81 Summon Frost Atronach for 60 seconds
Summon Storm Atronach 114 Summon Storm Atronach for 60 seconds
Spell MagickaIcon Effect(s)
Dire Weakness to Fire 47 Weakness to Fire 2–60 points for 10 seconds on target
Dire Weakness to Frost 47 Weakness to Frost 2–60 points for 10 seconds on target
Dire Weakness to Magicka 47 Weakness to Magicka 2–60 points for 10 seconds on target
Dire Weakness to Poison 47 Weakness to Poison 2–60 points for 10 seconds on target
Dire Weakness to Shock 47 Weakness to Shock 2–60 points for 10 seconds on target
Drain Blood 60 Drain Health 5 points for 30 seconds on touch
 Drain Magicka 5 points for 30 seconds on touch
Fire Storm 23 Fire Damage 1–10 points for 10 seconds in a 10-foot radius on target
Gash Spirit 75 Drain Magicka 5–20 points for 30 seconds on touch
Lightning Storm 34 Shock Damage 2–10 points for 10 seconds in a 10-foot radius on target
Sleep 45 Drain Fatigue 5–15 points for 30 seconds on target
Soulpinch 4 Damage Magicka 1–20 points on touch
Toxic Cloud 61 Poison 2–15 points for 10 seconds in a 10-foot radius on target
Spell MagickaIcon Effect(s)
Wild Spelldrinker 51 Spell Absorption 1–40 points for 5 seconds on self

Attributes and equipmentEdit


Urtiso Faryon specializes in magic and is skilled in a variety of schools, particularly those related to her class as a Sorcerer. She is an expert-level practitioner of her strongest skills, Destruction and Mysticism. She is equally adept at her remaining primary skills, at the journeyman level in Alteration, Conjuration, and Enchant. Urtiso has 31 points in her preferred melee weapon type, short blade. Primary Skills
Destruction 54
Mysticism 49
Alteration 44
Conjuration 44
Enchant 44

Abilities, powers, and spellsEdit

 • Resist Fire - 75%

 • Ancestor Guardian

 • Bound Battle-Axe
 • Bound Dagger
 • Bound Helm
 • Dire Weakness to Fire
 • Dire Weakness to Frost
 • Dire Weakness to Magicka
 • Dire Weakness to Poison
 • Dire Weakness to Shock
 • Drain Blood
 • Fire Storm
 • Gash Spirit
 • Great Feather
 • Lightning Storm
 • Sleep
 • Slowfall
 • Soulpinch
 • Summon Bonelord
 • Summon Clannfear
 • Summon Flame Atronach
 • Summon Frost Atronach
 • Summon Storm Atronach
 • Toxic Cloud
 • Wild Spelldrinker


 • Common Robe
 • Common Shoes

 • Steel Shardblade


When confronted in battle, Urtiso begins by casting Summon Clannfear to distract her opponent, and follows up with Bound Helm for protection. Then she goes on the offense, casting Lightning Storm to damage her opponent's Health, followed by Soulpinch to damage Magicka. She continues to cast varying offensive spells, and as her Magicka nears depletion she casts Bound Dagger then switches to melee combat. When her bound items expire she continues the fight with her enchanted short blade, which inflicts frost damage, until either she or her opponent is dead.



Quote Condition / Topic
"I must tell you, all this self-righteous Western clamor against slavery is really tiresome. Our right to own slaves is protects by law -- IMPERIAL law. People who free slaves are breaking the law. It's as simple as that." Slavery & Abolitionists
"There outlanders won't be happy until slavery is outlawed. I don't know what I'd do without slaves. Hire some shiftless, untrustworthy, evil-smelling pauper? It's our right to have slaves, by law and custom, and it's none of their damn business."
"We've been lucky. We really pushed the Duke and the other Houses when we grabbed Tel Vos. And when he didn't put up much of a fight to protect the settlement charters, we sent out our losers and lunatics to stake new claims. Some will survive, some won't. But Hlaalu and Redoran have to respond. And in the end, the ones that survive give us more power and influence here on Vvardenfell." House Telvanni
"We don't care about politics. We don't care what other think. We just want to be left alone. And our wizard-lords and their mercenaries make sure no one bothers us."
"Just because your lord gives you a task, don't assume you should be able to do it. Your lord doesn't really know what you can or can't handle. And most Telvanni lords don't care."
"There is someone watching me. I can tell." Idle
"Where is that slave? Here not long ago."
"I could kill that guar. Those boots are ruined."
"You are a fool to walk around like that." Greeting a nude Nerevarine
"I am not amused."
"Pathetic creature. You should learn to dress yourself before venturing out."
"Filthy S'wit!" Theft
"Your life's end is approaching." Attacking
"Surrender your life to me and I will end your pain!"
"This is the end of you, s'wit."
"This will not go unnoticed, you will be disgraced for this." Fleeing
"I can't take anymore!"
"Let me live!"


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