"Oh...hello. Have we met? I'm Urvel Dulni, a recent Initiate here at the Temple."
―Urvel Dulni[src]

Urvel Dulni is a young Dunmer priest who can be found in the office of the Lord Archcanon in the Mournhold Temple. He says he is a recent Initiate of the Tribunal Temple.


Urvel Dulni is young and not very brave. On his travels with the Nerevarine during the quest "The Shrine of the Dead," he is very scared and prefers to stay where he was.


The Shrine of the DeadEdit



The Shrine of the Dead

"Hello. I am told yyou will accompany me to the Shrine of the Dead and to protect me as we travel together. Our Lady commands I suppose we must go."

Shrine of the Dead "I-I'd rather not speak of it. I know what must be done, but the place frightens me to the core. I don't know why I was chosen, but Our Lady believes I must be the one to go, as the shrine must be cleansed."
travel together "Do you want me to stay with you? I'd be willing to wait here. I m-mean, it's up to you."
Stay with me. "Oh...if you insist. I mean, if you're completely sure...."
Wait here. "Really? Excellent! I mean...I wouldn't want to get in the way. You understand. I'll guard your back from here."

If approached again:

"Yes? M-must we travel together? Or may I wait here? Or go home? Please?"

After killing the Profane:

"You have killed the Profane? Please take me to the Shrine of the Dead."

During the ritual:

"I will now leanse the Shrine of the Dead, I suppose. If I can. Be with me, Lady."
"I am attempting to cleanse the Shrine. Please, don't interrupt me."

After cleansing the Shrine:

"It is done. Please, can we return to the Temple now?"

Shrine of the Dead "It seems we've done our job. The Shrine is cleansed."

Back in the Temple:

"I'm glad all that's over."


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