Urven Davor is a Dunmer enforcer residing in the Black Shalk Cornerclub in the Vivec, Foreign Quarter and a member of House Hlaalu.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Vivec Informants[edit | edit source]

Ethys Savil, Favel Gobor and Urven Davor are troubling Huleeya and refuse to let him move from his spot. The Nerevarine must deal with them before Huleeya is able to talk about what he knows.

Magicka[edit | edit source]




Inventory[edit | edit source]



Dialogue[edit | edit source]

"I don't care, n'wah. Just leave me alone."
(After starting "Vivec Informants") "Get out of our way, n'wah. We got issues with this filthy lizard here."
(If his disposition is at least 60) "Fine. It's just a filthy lizard, anyway, nothing to get upset about. We'll leave him alone. Go on. Get out, before we change our minds."
(After he agrees to leave Huleeya alone) "Whatever you say, pilgrim. Just let it ride. We'll leave him alone."
"Just leave me alone, n'wah."

filthy lizard:
"His kind aren't welcome here. He belongs in the swamp with the rest of them."
(If his disposition is at least 60) "Okay, okay. He's just a filthy lizard. He can't help it. I'll leave him alone."
(After he agrees to leave Huleeya alone) "I don't care. They leave me alone, I leave them alone."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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