"Change is inevitable. Indeed, change is sacred. But it is not to be unguided. I came here to guide; the An-Xileel—and the city council—the "Organism" that they so thoroughly control—do not listen"

Urvwen is an old priest who was once a member of the Psijic Order that appeared in An Elder Scrolls Novel: The Infernal City. Urvwen is first mentioned in Part Three where he is described as a Crazy Old Psijic Priest by Annaïg Hoïnart. He was the first to predict Umbriel's arrival into the Oliis Bay and Lilmoth by feeling strange movements in the deep water, he would go to the Lilmoth Docks and spread messages to seafarers and traders. The An-Xileel stationed in Lilmoth are irritated by him, especially Archwarden Qajalil.[1]

Urvwen first appears later on in the Novel, doing his usual routine of ranting with the common folk. Mere-Glim is sent by Annaïg to talk with him at the Docks to learn more about what Urvwen has to say. Urvwen teaches Mere-Glim about the Psijic Order and Artaeum to provide an analogy for what is coming. Urvwen then vaguely states that whatever is coming, it is from the Planes of Oblivion.[1]



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