Uryn Maren is a Dunmer commoner who is in the service of Carnius Magius to pilfer some ebony from the Raven Rock Mine.


Aiding and AbettingEdit

Carnius Magius has requested some help in covering up Uryn Maren's theft of ore from the mines. They need to find the locked chest in his house and get the ore out.

To Catch a ThiefEdit

Falco believes that Uryn Maren is stealing ore from the colony mine, and wants the proof of his treachery.


Aiding and AbettingEdit

"So you're here to gelp, are you? Well, I need you to distract the guard."

distract the guard "It should be a pretty simple task, really. I know that Aldam has a fondness for whisky. Give this to him, and he should be out of the way long enough for me to do my job. Stay close to him; it's important that we're not seen together until the job is all done. I'll come find you once I've got my hands on the ore. Okay, I'm going to head down near the storeroom."

If approached again:

"I'm not making a move until you distract the guard."

distract the guard "Just give him that whiskey I handed you, Nerevarine (Player name). That should occupy him."
Uryn Maren "That's me."

After giving the guard the whiskey:

"What are you doing? Stay close to the guard - I'll come to you when I'm done."

After Uryn has stolen the ore:

"Ahem.... Uhh, Nerevarine (Player name)? Carnius wants to see you. You know, about that job... the one you were doing. You should let him know it's done. Okay? Great."

distract the guard "Nice work. This will put him in a tough position; even if he does realize what happpened, he won't be able to do anything about it, because that'll mean admitting he was drinking on the job."

If approached again:

"Good work. Better go see Carnius."

To Catch a ThiefEdit

"Oh, uhh.... hey there, Nerevarine (Player name). Didn't see you. Excuse me, but I need to, uhh, get back to work."

If the Nerevarine is not caught, and approaches Uryn at the storeroom:

"Nerevarine (Player name)! What are you doing here? Uh... there's a perfectly good explanation for this, I assure you..."

explanation "Yes, yes! You see, I... well, I was... okay, fine. You caught me. But I swear, I didn't want to do this! Carnius put me up to it - he said he'd kill me if I didn't steal as much ore as I could!"

If approached again:

"You're not going to get me in trouble, right? You heard my explanation - it was all Carnius' idea!"

explanation "I'm telling you, Carnius made me do it! Go ask him, if you don't believe me!"


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