Azura's Star
Azura's Star
                 Nii los nunon naal dez tol naan laas oblaan, ahrk nunon naal grozein tol nii los dii... ni hinne. 

About MyselfEdit

I am an Elder Scrolls fan who was first introduced to the series through Oblivion. I played Oblivion for years, searching for every glitch I could find, until Skyrim came out. Skyrim, though not quite as glitch-heavy as Oblivion, quickly became my favorite game. The graphics, unfamiliar quests, and Unrelenting Force, easily pushed Oblivion down to a humble second place.

Since then, I have played both Arena and Morrowind, (Though I've yet to finish either of them) and am happily participating on this wiki, hoping to be of use, and make references that will be understood for once. :)

Elder Scrolls Game ProgressEdit


Not very far in this one just yet. I only just got the first piece of the staff last time I played.


Not yet played.


With my first and farthest character, I've gotten and cured myself of the Blight, and killed the crazed Almalexia. Sadly, I've yet to finish Bloodmoon or the main storyline.


I've beaten this game countless times, and once knew it like the back of my hand. 


Also a game I have beaten repeatedly. I am currently going back through the game with a new character so that I can play the Dawnguard DLC again, becoming a vampire lord this time. Thus far, I have only just started.


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"I am likely the greatest wizard you will ever meet. Who else do you think could create a staff enchanter?" ―Neloth

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