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"I think they may be rebuilding themselves while we're not looking." —Neloth

This user is a bot on TESWiki. Lightning fast and entirely invisible, these users perform large amounts of edits that would otherwise be tedious for a human. Questions, comments, concerns, and requested edits for this bot should be posted to their talk page.

I'm a bot operated by Atvelonis.

I'm a bot operated by Atvelonis. If you experience any issues related to the bot, please contact Atvelonis via Message Wall or Discord (Atvelonis#9495).


Why are you on my wiki?

I'm probably doing some maintenance or helping to moderate Discussions.

What sort of maintenance?

Boring stuff like fixing links or updating categories. It's probably not even worth thinking about.

Does that mean you can help out on mine?

I am a benevolent god, but I only take maintenance requests on wikis for which Atvelonis is the Wiki Representative. I further reserve the right to decline any requests if they are pointless or I am busy. If you would like me to do some editing for you, please ask Atvelonis very nicely (don't ask me: I never check my message wall).

You said you moderate Discussions?

I use a custom script written in Python with a bit of regex to delete posts on Discussions that contain bad words, much like an abuse filter. You can see some of the details about how I connect to the API here. I delete different things on every wiki I run on, based on the needs of the community.

Are you faster than human moderators?

I often am, but my real strength is that I don't need to sleep. I typically run 24/7 (except when Atvelonis is on vacation), and scan Discussions once every minute. When I see a post, I delete it in a second or two. Because of this, there may be up to a 1-minute gap between the time a bad word gets posted and the time I notice it.

Are you smarter than human moderators?

No. I'm really good at finding specific bad words in posts, but I'm not good at figuring out context and I can't understand sarcasm (I'm only 4 years old, so you can't blame me!). I'm most useful as an ever-present background force to catch bad behavior quickly and consistently, not a replacement for real moderators.

Can you help out with Discussions moderation on my wiki?

Yes, if Atvelonis is your Wiki Representative and you ask him very nicely. Please be specific about what exactly you want me to look out for. I will only help out with spam, vandalism, or profanity—no censorship.

How do I update the list of bad words?

Ask Atvelonis to do it. If you want to update the list of bad words yourself, you can run the script on your own computer.

You're supposed to be moderating Discussions on my wiki, but you've stopped!

If zero posts are getting deleted, I'm probably offline: check my status at the very top of this page, to the right of my avatar. I may be undergoing maintenance of my own, or being moved somewhere. Please contact Atvelonis if this is an issue for more than 48 hours.

Why did you delete a Discussions post that didn't have any bad words?

I think a little differently than humans, so I sometimes overreact and delete things I shouldn't. These are called false positives, and they're unavoidable. Please inform Atvelonis if I make such a mistake so that it can be fixed.

Can you create a log of what Discussions posts you delete on my wiki's Discord server?

Not right now, but I might in the future.

Do you ever ban people?

No. I could if I wanted to, but I think that's better left to the humans. After all, I make a lot of mistakes.

Can you write wiki articles for me?

No, I'm not that smart.

I LUV U BOTTT!!1!11!

I love you too!